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Invest in Youself

Last year, I gave a convention friend the advice to ‘Invest in You’.  What does that mean?     It means that you invest in yourself and your artwork, that you take some of your profit from conventions, or sales, or however you make your money, and put it back into your creative endeavours.  This might […]

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How To Keep Going With Your Challenges

  With all the challenges popping up this time of year – Sketchtember, Inktober, Drawlloween, NaNoDrawMo and various others, it’s difficult to keep up with them all. Personally, I took on Octobers’ challenge of “Drawlloween”, which is 31 days of prompts to draw and ink. It’s very similar to both Inktober and Drawtober, just with […]

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How Does One Come Up With Comic Ideas When There Is No Such Thing As A New Idea?

Mark Twain once said “There is no such thing as a new idea.”. It sometimes seems the same with comics – all the super-hero powers have seemingly been done, well, all the good ones. Smelly-shoes isn’t really a super-power that anyone would actually want to have. All the good plots and backstories have been so […]

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Post-Con Blues and how to combat them.

Hey guys, Kay with MCA Studios here, bringing you a topic that usually doesn’t get discussed in the lead up to conventions.

Post con depression (or post con blues).

I talk about this now, because I’ve just had a dose of it, and wanted to share how I got myself through it, but first a little back story. (more…)

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How To Make A Comic In 23 Easy Steps!

Hi everyone, it’s Kay here. Just recently, I took on a submission for an anthology comic, and I wanted to share the experience I had from it, and the lessons I learnt from doing everything from the illustration to final editing.


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$20 Art Studio Supply Challenge

It’s hard to buy art supplies on a budget, and at times, when bills get just too much, it’s the art supply money that gets sacrificed so we can eat.  But I’m here to show you how you can spend just $20 per fortnight and start to equip your art studio with the tools you will need to create a full colour illustration from start to finish. (more…)

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Comic Conventions Part 4 – Practical guide to recording sales at events.

In part 1 of Comic Conventions Part 1: The ins and outs for beginners, I spoke briefly about what to do when you don’t make any sales. Today, we’re going to look at what we do when we do make sales, and how to track each sale to keep for our records. This helps us to see what is selling well and to keep track of numbers of stock.


Included with this post, is a free template  (more…)

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Comic Conventions Part 3 – How do I set up my table?

Welcome to Part 3 of Comic Conventions, the ongoing series where I look at different facets of having a table at events for your comic creations and art.

In part 3, we are looking at table set-up.  We are fortunate to have a few guest comic creators share with us their table set-ups for different events, and we’ll quickly break each down to what worked best for them, and what I thought the best aspect of each table was.. (more…)

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Comic Conventions – Part 2 – Where should I look for events?

Hello, we meet again! My name is Kay, and I’m the author of this on-going blog series about helping beginners , and vets, into the world of Artist’s Alley at comic conventions.

So, where DO I want to sell my comics and art? (more…)

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Comic Conventions – The ins and outs for beginners

Hi! My name is Kay, and I’m a comic convention table holder.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to holding a table at a comic convention or market. The recent weekend of Supanova Brisbane has inspired me to create a series of posts revolving around differenet aspects of tabling at an Australian comic convention.

images-21 (more…)

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