Universe Gun – Trade Paperback Issues 1 – 4 by Dr. Mike 2000


The first four issues of Universe Gun collected into one book.

“Welcome to the 37th century.

In 2006, the Interdimensional Satellite called The Life Star docked with the Earth, changing the laws of physics. Wars were fought. By the 30th. century, peace was established, and 25% of the population had superhuman abilities.

The 37th century is a bit less amazing. Superhuman gifts are illegal and The Life Star rots in orbit.

Sulture is stagnant, and there is inequality between planets.

The Universe Gun is a symbol of change…”

“The War on Orgone” takes the gang from their various beginnings to gathering together as a force for rebellion.

Includes bonus material and a 5 page strip “Cold Atlas”


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