A Few Changes Around Here.

Hi all – this is Kay – owner of MCA Studios.

I’d like to thank everyone for the past two years. The support MCA Studios has received from the indie comic community over that time has been immense and humbling – from the comic creators who took a chance and stocked their comics with us, to the customers who purchase products.

MCA Studios, as of the 13th May 2018, has ceased selling comics on behalf of indie creators due to financial strain on my back pocket from attending events that have large costs associated with going to them and showing indie comics from around Australia. If you are a creator, I will be in contact with you to finalise arrangements.

Going forward, MCA Studios will still promote and support comic creators online and through social media. I currently organise two drawing groups around Brisbane – one for everyone, and one dedicated to comic creators located on the Brisbane River. I am also attending University for a Bachelor of Visual Arts to improve my own art and understand the comic and illustration process better.

Thankyou for your continued support, I hope to see you around.



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