Invest in Youself

Last year, I gave a convention friend the advice to ‘Invest in You’.  What does that mean?



It means that you invest in yourself and your artwork, that you take some of your profit from conventions, or sales, or however you make your money, and put it back into your creative endeavours.  This might mean that you invest in a light box, or better quality markers or pencils, or perhaps even a lamp that lets you see colours more naturally. 

Here are a few ideas that you could purchase to invest back into yourself and your art:


  • Better quality pens/markers/pencils
  • New materials you haven’t tried before
  • Light-box
  • Ott-Lite lamp (a light that allows the natural colours to show properly)
  • Advertising through social media
  • Training and classes in a field that interests you
  • Training and classes in a medium that interests you
  • A drawing tablet
  • More of the medium you use (pencils, markers, paints, etc)
  • Instruction books
  • Signage/posters for your booth/table at the next event
  • Better storage and mobility for stock
  • If you are involved in online sales of your art, invest in a PO Box
  • A stamp or stickers advertising your social media/online store
  • Badges/stickers/bookmarks of your main characters
  • Purchase some awesome convention/event clothes that match your brand/appearance


There are so many more ideas that you can use to invest in yourself as an artist. If you can think of any more, or practise something not listed above, I encourage you to share below so others can read and be inspired.


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