Coloured Pencil Illustration – $20 Art Supply Challenge

A while back, I posted a new challenge I created to help people realise they only need a small amount of money to start creating their art studio.

Well, the video is in, and for only $20, I got everything I needed to create a sweet little coloured pencil illustration from start to finish.


You might remember the rules, but here they are again:

  • I only have $20 cash every 2 weeks to go and buy supplies that will create an illustration from start to finish.
  • I cannot use any of my own supplies that I already have – not even an eraser or sharpener, but can include any of the supplies previously purchased for this challenge. (I reserve the right to “purchase” supplies from my own studio supply at current market price, instead of going and purchasing an exact copy of what I already have. This will be listed as such in the supply list).
  • If there is money left over, that gets added on to the next week’s budget.
  • Supplies cannot be borrowed from another person.
  • An illustration or drawing must be created from start to finish using the new supplies, or supplies previously purchased for this challenge.
  • A list of supplies purchased for that fortnight will be at the bottom of every post and included in every video so you can play along at home and get the best prices aswell.
  • You are free to use any supply you may have, you are not required to follow my rules.

Supplies used this fortnight:

  • Staedtler HB & 2B Lead pencil
  • Staedtler Eraser
  • Stabilo point 88 black fineliner
  • A5 Derwent Studios Sketchbook
  • Faber Castell 24 Classic Colour Pencils (with bonus sharpener)

All Materials were purchsed from Officeworks, and cost $17.61.

This leaves $2.39 in the KITTY.


Here is the finished illustration:


The next fortnight’s challenge will be water-colours, a medium I have not used for a long time. If you wish to see a medium being used for this challenge, please comment below.




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