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Tim Stiles is the creator of Cthulhu Williams, and today, we are interviewing him. What excites me about this interview is that not only has he successfully funded his Kickstarter campaign for his comic “Cthulhu Williams”, (we all love success stories, right?) but he’s a down to earth creator who values his artists and skills, and has worked in the Killeroo ‘verse that Darren Close has created.

   (Big Tim promoting Cthulhu Williams)

This is our hero, Cthulhu Williams, and in Tim’s interview, we will learn more about him, and the process Tim has created to bring this character to life.


  1. Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Tim Stiles. Friends call me Big Tim. I’m just some guy born and bred in Queanbeyan NSW (just outside of Canberra). Oh, and I write my own comic books.


  1. So you’re the creator and writer of Cthulhu Williams, how did you come up with the idea?

Cthulhu Williams started with the name. I remember being backstage at a Shakespeare play I was doing and just scribbling and drawing and I came up with this name. At the time I didn’t know who or what the name belonged to.


  1. Can you tell us more about the story?

Cthulhu Williams is a paranormal investigator/monster hunter. He has an interesting “super power” which is an immunity to monstrous effects. For example, if he is bitten by a vampire or zombie, he won’t turn into one. If he makes eye contact with a Gorgon, he won’t turn to stone. Mind you, that doesn’t mean he won’t die if a kaiju steps on him, or if he has his throat ripped out by a werewolf, or if Frankenstein’s monster rips his arm off and beats him with it.

He works in, and around the Canberra area and has two teammates; Trixxie, a time travelling Glamazon from the future, and Mister Grey, a grey alien who is their tech guy and has a fascination with experiencing all facets of human life.


  1. As a writer, how did you go about getting an artist for your concept?

Quick answer is money. I believe an artist is worth paying. And I won’t go ahead with a project until I have the money to pay them.

Initially, the artists I have used in Cthulhu Williams #0 came from Kickstarter. I backed their Kickstarters at a level where the reward was they’d illustrate a story for me. Then, I looked long and hard at the art on their Kickstarter pages and wrote a story that I believed would complement their styles.

I also used Kickstarter to get the art for my Cthulhu Williams #0 Adult Colouring-in variant cover too.

I think Kickstarter is a good way to help someone else get their project off the ground, while at the same time making it work for you.


  1. What has been the easiest, and the most challenging aspect of working with an artist for your concept to see it through to completion?

I have to say I have had nothing but joy working with all of my artists. Nothing but good times. My artists deliver. And that’s why I work with them, and will again whenever I can afford them.


  1. What element of your work gives you the most satisfaction?

Looking at a complete page. Every single time I’m grinning like a damn fool. My artists always deliver way more awesome on the page than I image when writing it. I always look forward to seeing another completed page.


  1. What’s the best advice that you have heard or been given in relation to comic creating?

To be in the comics industry, you need to be making comics, not talking about making comics. That to me includes if you are honing your skills as a writer or an artist. If all you do is talk about it while having a beer, you’re not in the industry. And talk is good, as long as you put legs on your words.


  1. What are you working on now? (or next?)

Currently I am working on a free webcomic called Gorilla my Dreams. This is the story of a superhero (who just so happens to be a gorilla) who is investigating the murder of a street mime, who asphyxiated when he was trapped in a real invisible box.

You can see the pages so far at

I’m working with an Egyptian artist Ahmed Rafaat, who I found on, and we decided to release this one as a webcomic because I can only really afford to pay for one page a fortnight. So that’s what I do, and he delivers. Instant webcomic.


  1. Where can we find more of your work and support you?

Right now, Cthulhu Williams #0 and Gorilla my Dreams are my only creator owned stuff that is out.

Though I did a back-up story for a Graphic Novel called Circus ( and have a short story coming up in a Killeroo Anthology. (That will be available here on release

If you want a copy of Cthulhu Williams #0 you can go to my webstore:

Apart from that, you can check out my Patreon Page: For my Patreon backers I show them WiP art and completed Gorilla my Dreams pages before they drop to the public. There are various tiers you can pledge support for there too.

So there you have it – Tim Stiles talking Cthulhu Williams. Incidentally, I backed this Kickstarter project personally, and was absolutely thrilled when it came in the mail. The art was spot on, the story and pages flowed nicely, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next from Big Tim!

You can find Tim on Facebook: Cthulhu Williams

Twitter: @CthulhuWilliams  and  @BigTimStiles

And Patreon: Big Tim On Patreon




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