$20 Art Studio Supply Challenge

It’s hard to buy art supplies on a budget, and at times, when bills get just too much, it’s the art supply money that gets sacrificed so we can eat. ¬†But I’m here to show you how you can spend just $20 per fortnight and start to equip your art studio with the tools you will need to create a full colour illustration from start to finish.

First we are going to start with the very basics. For me, even though I have a huge amount of supplies to keep me going for many years, I will not be allowed to use items from my own studio. I will be using different mediums every week in an effort to show what they can do and the effects you can get with the cheaper supplies.

Now for the rules:

  • I only have $20 cash every 2 weeks to go and buy supplies that will create an illustration from start to finish.
  • I cannot use any of my own supplies – not even an eraser or sharpener.
  • If there is money left over, that gets added on to the next week’s budget.
  • Supplies cannot be borrowed from another person.
  • An illustration or drawing must be created from start to finish using the new supplies, and can include any of the supplies previously purchased in this challenge.
  • A list of supplies purchased for that fortnight¬†will be at the bottom of every post and included in every video so you can play along at home and get the best prices aswell.
  • You are free to use any supply you may have, you are not required to follow my rules.

One important thing to note – yes, I do have a large art supply stash that includes pencils, markers, and fineliners. I don’t really want to go out and buy duplicates of these more expensive items. Therefore, if I want to “buy” some Copic Markers or other items I have already, I will research current market price, and “buy” them from my stash. This money won’t be available to use on other supplies, and it will be, for all intents and purposes, as good as given to a store in exchange for goods.

Remember, the aim of this challenge is to set you up with a working art studio to get you started, and to give you ideas about what you may wish to purchase.

If there is a medium that you wish to see me use, please comment below and I will do my best to fit it in to the challenge. You are also welcome to post your images of what you have created each fortnight and list the supplies that you have used with each Challege Post.


Cheers and happy creating!



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2 thoughts on “$20 Art Studio Supply Challenge

  1. Great concept, in case they are kids make it real. Good luxk

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