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So what is Metro Collective Arts Studio and who am I?

My name is Kay Aspden, I’ve been a creative for many years. I originally grew up in Melbourne, and Kay shotexcelled in art during high school. If I had’ve stayed in Melbourne, I would have studied animation, having been inspired so much by Disney movies like “Beauty and the Beast”. When the family moved to Queensland, my interest in art dwindled to pretty much nothing by the time Year 11 rolled around.

I studied many things after high-school, had many jobs: multi-media, hospitality, retail operations and counselling, call centre-work, but none of them really took.

My first Supanova way back so long ago in Brisbane was amazing! The talent I saw when I walked through artist alley for the first time was awe-inspiring. I soon met some friends who were into making their own indie comics and zines, and I was hooked. My first zine was called “Dragon-Style”, and I still sell it at zine fairs from time to time, and the rest is history.

I’ve been on the ZICS Organisation Board for a year or two, held a shared table at Supanova Gold Coast and Brisbane, had a table at Mackay Sugar City Con for 2 years running, as well as a table at Epic Diem, Comic Street AU, ZICS, and a few hand-made markets. I have also been hosting a monthly drawing group at Ace Comics in Annerley for the last few months. I am now the sole-trader of Metro Collective Arts Studios.

So what’s Metro Collective Arts Studios?

MCA Studios is not only an online store where I source the best products for comic-art and illustration, it is also the place where comic creators receive free advertising for their publications they register with us.

From brush pens to Copic Markers and professional comic paper, MCA will stock it all for you to complete your project, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned comic artist. You will be able to look through an extensive range of independent comics created by local and national artists, and purchase them all in the one place.

My aim for MCA Studios is to create a great online community for comic-artists and illustrators, to advertise their publications and supply their needs. Guest interviews and free advertising will be part of the normal activity here on MCA Studios. We will also have product reviews, giveaways, competitions and more.

I want to register my publications for advertisement!

The registration process is easy, simply email me to get a copy of the forms you need to fill out, and return the forms with your publications you wish to sell and we take care of the rest. We will send you a link where your publications are listed, and you can advertise these links yourself, and we will advertise on our social media links to get as many indie comic buyers as we can, Australia wide.

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